Metal Guide – We Accept a Variety of Metals!


  • Bare Bright: Stripped Electrical wire that is bright and shiny. It must be free of tape and any other impurity.
  • Wire (#1): Stripped Electrical Wire that is no longer shiny or bright. It may be green or brown but not black. (It must be free of all other impurities)
  • Wire (#2): Stripped Electrical Wire that has any type of impurity on it (eg: tinned, dirty, painted)
  • Buss Bar (#1): Electrically conductive solid copper bars. It must be free of any residue or debris It must also be free of tin.
  • Buss Bar (#2): Electrically conductive solid copper bars. Consists of tin coating, debris, paint or residue.
  • *Note: If an insulated wire has copper that is tin coated it must be separated from all other wire that has bare bright or #1 copper inside. This type of wire is considered #2 insulated.


  • Yellow Brass: This brass has a definite yellow color when grinded. May have small amount of steel attached.
  • Red Brass: This brass has a silver color when grinded. Must be free of all other metals.
  • Bullets casings: Little plastic/dirt/steel attached or residue inside w/out primers.
  • Brass Shavings: All shavings must be clean and free of any other metal. Must not contain more than 2% moisture.

Aluminum (from top to low grade)

  • EC Wire: Bare aluminum wire with no other impurities
  • Extruded: Aluminum formed or shaped by a machine. Thick and ridged typically used for structural support or encasement. The pieces should be free of all impurities. Bare and clean.
  • Litho: No paper/plastic/ink or other contaminants
  • Rims: Free of rubber tire/dirt/attachments. Free of lead wheel weights.
  • Clips: Aluminum jacket from BX wire. Free of impurities (keep colored clips separate).
  • Cans: Free of foil/tin/plastic/liquid/ garbage/etc. Can be crushed or whole.
  • Rads: All aluminum radiators from cars. The plastic ends must be removed to receive top value.
  • Cast: Any aluminum that has been formed by using a mold. Typically it has a rough texture.
  • Sheet: Thin aluminum typically siding.
  • Old Sheet: Thin aluminum with no more than 5% of the total weight can be steel.
  • Turnings: Aluminum shaving free of any other metal or debris. Must have less than 2% oil moisture.
  • Iron Alum: Any aluminum product that has more than 25% iron or steel attached.